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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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was accidental. >> cpp and fire investigators say the fire was caused by the failure of the limo's air suspension system which allowed the drive shaft to contact the underside of the passenger come partment. >> the heat and possible sparks generated from the friction between the rotating drive shaft and the underside of the floor pan beneath if leading edge of the rear seat ignited the materials covering the floor board. >> because the fire was determined to be an accident, the san mateo county da says no charges will be filed. >> some tragedies are crimes and some are not. this one is not. >> but the california public utilities commission did issue a citation to the owner of the limo company because the vehicle was overloaded. >> the general citation will be issued for failure to operate safely in having two more passengers in the come partment than there were seat belts. >> reporter: now, as for the limo driver, his ex-wife
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claimed he was actually on the cell phone with her at the time of the fire. chp said today that is not true. they have reviewed his cell phone records. he was not on the phone at the time of the fire, elizabeth. he even said he told investigators he tried to call 911 once he was outside and he received a busy signal from 911. >> wow. mark, what about the early reports that the limo's rear doors were locked. >> reporter: yeah. could the passengers get out? the answer is on one door on the left side, the answer is no. a passenger would not have been able to open the door because of child safety locks. the right side, the door was too badly damaged to make a determination. >> thank you, mark. the bay area under extreme fire danger this week. kpix 5's brian hackney on what we can expect. >> reporter: allen, look at the high def doppler.
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look at the echos. embedded in those echos, thunder strikes, lightning strikes. you can see it is over ocean so it is not a factor for us. because of low pressure that is bringing that stuff toward the bay area, there is a red flag warning posted now for all inland sf bay area. there is a hazard because of dry lightning strikes. there is so much dry fuel around you combine the fact that we could get a lightning strike or two with the dry brush and that could be a big problem. if you were here in october 1/9/91, 199 -- 1991, you would never forget what happened. that is where ken bastida is live now. ken. >> reporter: that's right, brian, we are up here at grizzly peak. we will show you something just to give you a comparison. if we swing over, that's san francisco in the distance. your bay is in fog. you got nothing to worry about.
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you're going to be cool the next several hours. now we swing back. all the heat is in the east bit. well over 100 in livermore, danville, walnut creek, places like that. that's where the red flag alert really comes into play. no barbecues in any of the park areas. no gas powered equipment like weed whackers, lawn mowers. they have 10 significant fires right now in several counties. fresno, hum b and a little fire in arrenda they put out fairly quickly. the chief says be careful, it is very dry out there. >> i think that the community should feel the same way. they should be vigilant and they should be taking actions in advance. >> we want to show you now a little demonstration.
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we're going to push in. that is far eastern. there are thunder heads rising out there. that's a good 7,500 miles away. no threat to the immediate bay area right now, but as brian explains, things are changing. this red flag warning stays in effect until tomorrow. i am ken bastida from grizzly peak, kpix 5. one of the largest fires is in bute county. it has scorched nearly 2,000- acres. more than 700 structures are threatened. firefighters do have it about 45% contained. >> about 1200 firefighters battling a massive wildfire in idaho. more than 2,000 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. the beaver creek fire is
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affecting the affluent area where bruce willis and tom hanks have homes. it is only 9% contained. dramatic scene as dozens of marine biologist perform a necropsy on a beach whale. authorities trying to figure out how it died. authorities say it is rare but they have seen whales beach b. kpix 5's linda yee shows us why this situation was extremely unusual. >> it is a thin whale, an endangered mammal thrashing and struggling on shore. >> it was breathing and moving. >> their first guess is it is a young male calf. it quickly became a big attraction for beach go-ers.
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>> this is the first time i have seen a live whale wash up in the 49 years i have come. >> hooper parker remembers seeing a dead humpback wash up here when he was a child. >> it is a good educational experience for everyone because they can see oh, it's not just ocean. it's big, cool creatures. >> this young whale died within hours of beach. marine biologist say it was about 15 to 20,000 pounds. they say there was never a chance they could save the whale. when it beaches, it's usually diagnose. >> it is a young animal. it was separated from it mom. we will hopefully determine what the cause of it is by this afternoon. >> what are nature's reasons for why it gets separated? >> could be a variety of reasons. it could have been sick because of illness and its mom abandoned it. possibly it got separated due to trauma. maybe it got hit by a boat or
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chased away from its mother by sharks or killer whales. >> it's not known exactly how long the calf stays with the mother, but if they find milk in its stomach, they'll know it was still nursing. after the necropsy is completed, they will dig a big hole and bury this whale right here on the beach. it will be the 11th beached whale buried here in recent memories. linda yee kpix 5. >> whales get beach here in the bay area -- beach here in the bay area every couple years. this is footage of some of the most recent. in 2011 a juvenile killer whale washed ashore. in point loma, another thin whale was beached. another dead gray whale washed up in may of 20 sew. some of these whales die from sickness. others from getting hit by moving ships. major progress along the new bay bridge over the weekend. the shims are in.
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we have video from cal tran. they will do the job until a steel saddle is installed later this year. first, of course, the bridge has to close. in just nine days it will shut down on the evening of august 28th for the big conversion. go to kpix for details on the big closure. the unions rejected the agency's latest contract proposal. the workers handed town the no vote over the weekend. union negotiators will meet this weeked in their next move. ac transit says it hasn't heard from the union yet. union representatives represent nearly 100 clerical workers. as far as b.a.r.t's contract negotiations, there hasn't been any progress. b.a.r.t and its unions haven't met in eight days.
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october10th is the next contract clients. and so far no know great lakeses have been scheduled. the independent truckers parked their rigs, held up signs protesting the ssa marine terminal. drivers are upset about the delays during their dropoff and pickup process and they are paid by the load. police moved in late this afternoon to make sure tore terminals were not affected. the man suspected of shooting four people in oakland over a stolen purse was arrested late last night. the 20-year-old ward is accused of shooting four people saturday afternoon outside a hair salon on telegraph avenue near broadway. witnesses say he tried to steal a purse but got caught and then returned with a gun. now, ward faces attempted murder charges. 73-year-old musician lester chambers is suing the city of hayward for $5 million because of this attack. last month's blues festival r 43-year-old an crews potter was caught on video jumping on
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stage and shoving chamber. the musician's lawsuit claims the attack was racially motivate 0 because -- motivated because he dedicated a song to trayvon martin. potter is charged with assault and elder abuse. he is accused of killing four women. today, closing arguments at joseph naso's marin county trial were delayed over a piece of graffiti. that one in a million parking spot in san francisco got a little easier. of course, there is an app for that. >> reporter: weather in the b just about as typical for this time of year. the prospect of things lighting up over bay area skies. we will talk about chances for some shocking weather, after the break. prince william opens up about being a first time dad. why he's calling a row the ideal baby a bit of a rascal,
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there was a brief delay this morning... when the brotherf one of naso's alleged victi put an his tr a marin county jury has begun deliberating in the accused killer naso case. for the second time in a week, the judge had to determine whether a message tainted the jury. the wording was changed this time. south aver can olympian oscar pistorius was visiblyset. he is accused of killing his girlfriend last summer. prosecutors said the witnesses heard the victim scream before the gunfire. the trial is set for march. san diego mayor was
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supposed to return to work today. at least 16 women have come forward accusing him of faking up wanted sexualed advances. >> he was supposed to be the champion of the little guy. he's betrayed us. >> that doesn't disqualify him from doing his job. he's acknowledged he has an issue. he is doing something about it. >> he has apologized for disrespecting women, but he denies ever sexually harassing them. the entire city council is demanding his resignation. in egypt, the number of dead nearly thousands . today ambulance rushed where islamic militants killed 25 egyptian
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police officers. that came one day after government security forces killed dozens of prisoners they say were trying to escape from a truck convoy. the obamaed administration is concerned. in a move that could increase tension in the country, former president could be released from jail soon. he is being retried for the killing of hundreds of protesters during the up rising that ousted him from power in 2011. now, the san francisco fire department is doing away with documents all together. why firefighters won't be using helmet cameras anymore. you better read the fine print when purchasing points with your favorite airlines. as one bay area man found out, those extra miles don't always pay off.
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. fourth straight day today. concerns that the federal reserve could begin windingn its stimulus sooner than lar spurred a huge sell-off in bonds. the dow dropped moren 70 points.. nasdaq fell abo 14.. and the s-and-p sank ny 10 points. new at five... the san francisco fire department is going to revisit it's policr helmet cameras... in the waf the asiana crash.
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the issue was raised after e photos from asiana airline's crash landing at s-f-o surf. these images sparked questis as to whether firefighters' actions contributed to the death of a crash survivor. an issue after photos from the asiana crash surfaced. they want to know what contributed to the death of a crash survivor. the fire department set the record straight for helmet recording device cameras. >> recording devices of any kind, any type of recording device is prohibited without the permission of the chief of the department. >> authorities say that if they allowed fors to wear helmet cameras they will be city issued. there is a new app to help you search for that elusive parking spot in san francisco. park me included real time availability of meters as well as both city owns and privately owned lots. it also recommends the best
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parking location based on proximity and cost. the app even calculates the total cost for how long you plan to park. extra airline miles can be a good way to top off your account for that free flight. on the consumer watch, sue quan explains purchasing extra points doesn't always pay off. >> john north had plenty of airline miles. >> it was about three years i had gotten up to 57,000 miles. >> but the san francisco senior needed more to get a business class seat to preprice, so he purchased an additional 23,000- miles from american express for $700. >> i wouldn't have to be sitting with five people this way and babies screaming and yelling. >> but when north had to cancel that flight for health reasons, he realized those extra miles wouldn't go very far. his doctored a vised him not to fly anywhere more than one hour away. >> the furthest i can travel
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now by plane is to la. >> so north called amex and asked for a refund and was told no. a standard answer travel experts say purchased points aren't always refundable. >> once you buy them, in most cases they are yours. >> the points guy says they are relatively expensive for what you get, and there are limits on what you can do with them. >> in most cases the redemption we talk about are those levels where hay ward space can be limited. >> . >> so what can you do with extra miles? most points programs restrict customers from selling them, but they can be donated to charities or gifted. they can also be used to purchase merchandise, though travel experts say the exchange rate isn't graph each point is actually worth about 1 cent. john north didn't want to go that route so he called
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consumer watch. volunteers contacted american. the airline went the extra mile. and in north's case made an exception and refunded the $700 he spent on additional points. sue quan, consume r. watch kpix 5. >> brian hackney in for weather. i have been following radar like a leopard. interesting for this time of year because we don't get thunderstorms that often. and it doesn't look like us getting much of a chance of getting any the next 24 to 36 hours. there are thunder and lightning out there over the open water. not getting close to the bay area at this point, but never theless, when you see something like -- never theless, it looks as if our chance will be increasing. the bay bridge, plenty of blue out there. 90degrees in concord. livermore 93. red flag warnings posted
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through wednesday evening for parts of the bay area. they expire at different times. the longest lived ones are posed through 5:00 at night because of the potential for a lightning strike igniting a fire. for tonight, looking at mostly clear skies except for the fog right along the shoreline. 86 about 8:00 tonight. giants taking on the boston red sox. 60 d. game time temperature at 7:15 tonight. head out the door tomorrow, nice and mild inland. the usual low clouds around the shoreline. here is what's next. that critical fire dirk will be in the bay area for the next 48 -- fire danger will be in the bay area for the next 48 hours. other than that, we're a little on the humid side. in yen, cooling off this week. here is what's happening. low pressure in central california. the low here, the high in the desert southwest and because of the circulation around the low,
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the flow is bringing that semi moisture. that's when we get the potential for thunderstorms moving into the bay area. north of the bay area, a few showers could sink south by tomorrow. south bay tomorrow, 81 degrees for san jose. morgan hill will be 89. forecast for the east patience cooler tomorrow. 90degrees at -- east bay, 90 degrees. little bit of a cooling trend. we put in the thunder bumpers for tuesday and wednesday because if it happens we want to be able to say. >> told you so. >> reporter: extended forecast, we're going to cool it down toward the weekend. so, let's see if anything happens. we'll watch it. >> okay. thank you. well, the san francisco giants will be raising money for one person. >> the funds will help out
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victims from the boston bombings. they will roll out the ceremonial first pitch. the game starts at 7:15. >> people want to see. i am glad he wasn't screaming his head off the whole way through. in his first interview since becoming a father, prince william says his little guy is already growing up so fast. that story is next.
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parents to prince george. they're sharing these new fy photos prince william says he and wife kate are love their new role as parents to prince george. >> they are sharing these new family photos taken pictures kate's father at his home outside london. in his first interview since becoming a father, william told cnn prince george is growing up fast taint like to sleep much. >> he is a little bit of a rascal. let's put it that way. he either reminds me of me or my brother when we were younger, i'm not sure. >> kate is believed to still be
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in her hometown where prince george is getting to know his grandparents. >> kind of like his brother now, the little rascal. >> yeah. little rascal. >> big rascal now, harry is. >> that red hair. now let's get a look at what's i had. thousands flee wildfires in the west while parts of the southeast are under water. we will take you to the fire line and the water's edge. plus, the death toll mounting in egypt and how cutting aid to egypt will hurt american workers right at kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new at 6:00 tonight: class back in session in many baya schools. but teachers may soon be limited in how ers. new at 6:00 tonight, class is back in session in many bay area schools, but teachers may soon be limited with how they deal with it would be makers. california prisoners have refused to eat for seven weeks. the emergency action to end statewide hunger strike. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> thank you for watching the cbs evening news is next. >> latest news, weather always on back in 30.
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>> schieffer: tonight a summer of extremes. thousands flee the wild fires in the west. john blackstone's on the front lines. parts of the southeast are underwater. manuel bojorquez is there. death toll is mounting in egypt after the bloody crackdown. charlie dagata is in cairo and elaine quijano reports on how cutting aid to egypt could hurt american workers. bill whitaker is in san diego where mayor bob filner's facing a move to recall him. and mark phillips on britain's prince william who is talking for the first time about his newborn son. >> he's a little bit of a rascal. let's put it that way. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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